E-Shak Intreface front view

Here is the interface for my "E-Shak". The input comes from an exoskeleton attached to a Shakuhachi. It is connected to the interface with a 10 wire ribbon cable. The exoskeleton is used as addition to the pitch 2 voltage converter and the ENV follower. Inputs are three voltages from a three axis accelerometer (x, y, z) and three touch sensitive switches (Gate 1, 2, 3). The output range foe x, y, z is adjustable in gain and volume. This gives a wide variability in usage. The three gates are 5 V. The state is indicated with LED.

Specs and features



E shack interface schematic

E-Shak interface: Schematic


The voltage from the accelerometer is buffered and level shifted in the first operational amplifier. The amplification of the second stage is adjustable so you can spread the signal range.

The inputs from the touch sensitive switches are buffered and signaled with LED.



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Special parts

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S2S: E-Shak Interface documentation download

E-Shack interface stuffed PCB

E-Shack interface: Stuffed PCB

E-Shack interface Front

E-Shack interface: Frontview

E-Shack interface Back

E-Shack interface: Backview

E-Shack interface side view

E-Shack interface: Side view

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