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A small but very versatile module. It is derived from the original Elektor Formant book "Formant Erweiterungen" p87 ff. Some resistor values are changed to handle the 10Vpp signal level of my system. You can shape the input signal in many ways. You can clip the signal. You can fold the signal. You can emphasize the third harmonic. You can unsymmetrical emphasize the clipped and unclipped signal. You can reverse the input signal. The clipping level is voltage controlled.

Specs and features



Elektor Waveformprocessor schematic

Elektor Wave Processor schematic


This implementation follows closely the original Elektor Formant implementation. Refer to the original documentation if needed. You can find it on the net. My changes are the adaption to my 10Vpp system signal level.



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Special parts

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Elektor Formant wave processor documentation download

Elektor wave processor populated PCB

Elektor Formant wave processor: populated PCB

Elektor wave processor back view

Elektor Formant wave processor: back view

Elektor wave processor front view

Elektor Formant wave processor: front view

2018 April

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