Vocoder Display Front working

This Vocoder module displays the control voltages up to 24 Vocoder Channels. The display is linear and displays the voltage from 0..5V with means of LM3914. Due to the modular build you can start with 8 Channels and add more (16, 24) as you need. The display is multiplexed and runs on 6V to minimize power consumption. It is not essential to run the Vocoder but it adds a nice feature. You can see the spectral distribution of your signal. This comes in handy from time to time.

Specs and features:



Display Bargraph schematic

Vocoder Display: Bargraph schematic

Vocoder Display schematic

Vocoder Display: MUX schematic one

Vocoder Display schematic

Vocoder Display: MUX schematic two


Not much to describe. This is a straightforward implementation of a multiplexed voltage display done with LM3914.



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Special parts

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Vocoder Display documentation download

Vocoder Display Control documentation download


Vocoder Display working

Vocoder Display: Front View

Vocoder Display Back

Vocoder Display: Rear View with two control PCB mounted

Vocoder Display Steuerung PCB

Vocoder Display: Control PCB

Vocoder Display Steuerung PCB

Vocoder Display:Bargraph partly stuffed

Vocoder Display Bargraph

Vocoder Display: stuffed display PCB

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