OR, from two in one to eight in one (and more)


OR front view.

This logic module was thought to be used for my drum case to combine gates and triggers, scalable from two in one to eight in one. The output of each stage is normalled to the next. Turned out, that you can do a lot more with it. It is usable as half way rectifier, clipper and audio mixer. Besides "OR-ing" the incoming signals together, they are clipped to 5V (easy changeable), mixed together and only the positive voltages are going through. So you can make use of this logic module in audio as well. Rectification, clipping and mixing in the audio domain makes for some interesting sonic experiments.

Specs and features



OR control board schematic

OR: Schematic control board


Easiest way to look at it is to think of a lot of diodes. All those diodes just OR the signals together. That's it. The incoming signals are clipped to 5V due to the OpAmps working rail to rail from GND to +5V.



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Building hints

  • If you want to change the working range and clipping level, replace the 78L05 with the voltage adapter of your need and adapt the series resistors for the LED accordingly.

Special parts

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OR control board documentation download
OR control board Gerber files download
OR *.fpd file

OR front view

OR: Front view

OR populated control PCB front

OR: Populated control PCB front

OR populated control PCB back

OR: Populated control PCB back

OR half front view

OR: Half front view

OR back view

OR: Back view

OR side view

OR: Side view

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