Here you will find answers to some questions frequently asked, a list of sdiy related books i found useful and links to sdiy related sites that are worth to have a look at.


Do you sell PCBs?

I don't have a business and i don't want to get into one. But for most of my projects i need to order more PCBs then i need for myself. It is possible that i have some spares for certain projects. If you are interested in PCBs drop me a line. here

Can you build a module for me?

No. It is SDIY and i am not interested to make a work out of it.

Can you build a complete synth for me?

You can't afford it.

Can you help me with my project?

I have helped on projects that caught my interest. I have done consulting on commercial projects as well. It depends if it is interesting and something new to me.



This list only contains books which i have on the shelf. The list will expand over time. There are much more helpful books for sdiy out there then i can mention. Be curious and compile your own list.


To be continued



Links to sites I found helpful or interesting.


To be continued


2016 August

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