Chaos front view.

This build was intended to be used with self generating patches to add some unpredictable variation. It is based on two integrators with feedback. Classic double-well chaos. Depending on the used parts value the output voltages moves faster or slower. From seconds to hours. You have X and Y output, X+Y, X-Y, Y positive only and Y negative only. This gives a lot of patch possibilities, all related in some way and parallel available.

Specs and features



Chaos schematic control board

Chaos: Schematic control board

Chaos schematic main board

Chaos: Schematic main board


An exhaustive explanation and a lot of chaos theory and schematics can be found on Ian Fritz's electronic music site. Direct link to chaos..

Chaos screenshot 01

Chaos: Screenshot 01

Chaos screenshot 02

Chaos: Screenshot 02

Chaos screenshot 03

Chaos: Screenshot 03



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Chaos control board documentation download
Chaos control board Gerber files download
Chaos main board documentation download
Chaos main board Gerber files download
Chaos *.fpd file

Chaos front view

Chaos: Front view

Chaos populated control PCB

Chaos: Populated control PCB

Chaos populated control PCB back

Chaos: Populated control PCB back

Chaos populated main PCB

Chaos: Populated main PCB

Chaos halve side view

Chaos: Halve side view

Chaos side view

Chaos: Side view

Chaos times four

Chaos: Times four

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