Simple level display

I found it usefull to have a simple level indicator. It needs only two states. Level OK and level to high. This is accomplished with a full wave rectifier two OpAmps used as comparators and two LED. I have set the audio range in my synthesizer to 5Vpp. So one LED is set to lit when this level is reached to signal possible distortion. The other is set to lit at 3Vpp to signal that the signal to noise ratio is OK. This are only rough hints but i found it very usefull especially in use with VCA.




The level display is build of a standard full wave rectifier and OpAmps used as comparator. The switching threshold is set with R8/R11 and R_onx. Adjust R_onx to your needs.


None. The switching threshold is set with R8/R11 and R_onx.

Special parts



Detail from NGF_VCA_Sims


In the implementation a slightly different schematic is used. The full wave rectifier is realized with lower part count. No difference in funktion.

2014 August

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